The Legend of the Tree of Gold

Illustration, Marketing Leaflet, Legend Layout Design and Copywriting

The Tree of Gold in the Dubai Mall’s Gold Souk is one of the sculptor, Keith Calder’s, greatest and most exciting projects to date. This “life-size” tree is cast bronze with over 3000 leaves.

A limited collection of bronze marquettes were made as gifts and to sell in the souk. Jane Ink was asked to illustrate and edit a legend written to support this rather radical concept. The legend and a brief introduction to Keith’s work were then presented to the customers in a leather folder with a delicate gold foil design on the cover.

“During the glorious era of the ancient trade routes, when the famed Silk Road and the Spice Route were synonymous with the exchange of wealth, culture and ideas, many wonderful myths and legends also emerged. One in particular inspired The Legend of the Tree of Gold…”