Drewton Retreat

Logo, Business Cards, Letterhead, Appointment Cards, Treatment Menu Copy & Design, Greeting Cards, Marketing Banner and Photography

Drewton Reteat is a unique beauty destination nestled in the gentle hills of Yorkshire. Unique in that it celebrates its small salon status and is run from a picturesque stone cottage next to a forest, offering limited but expert beauty advice and treatments.

Drewton Retreat already has a well-established reputation with local, high-end clientele. But the owner still wanted to develop a clear corporate identity that would further define the business. She wanted something modern and simple which focused on the idea of Drewton Retreat as a “sanctuary”.

The logo design, with its soft trees, aims to capture both the peaceful essence of the location and the welcoming and uncomplicated/honest ethos of Drewton Retreat. The business and appointment cards also have a soft, curved edge to further re-iterate the gentle design. The copy for the treatment menu has been kept simple and to the point, not drowning the reader in lotions and miracle cures. Imagery has also been limited to original photographs taken the salon and its surroundings.